Which Method is Best?

So knowing all that you do now, are you going to make a mobile version of your site? In my opinion, there should be nothing holding you back. You can get one set up and running in minutes completely for free. But if you want to take a more advanced approach, which method is best? The answer depends on you. What’s your budget? What skill sets do you have? Do you have a basic website or hundreds of thousands of pages for your visitors to browse? Do you want complete control over how your site look or do you just want it done quickly?

mobile siteIf you have the skills, time, and money to invest in tools, building your own site and hosting it as a standalone site gives the most customization and control over your site and its statistics. You can do anything you want to improve performance, visual quality, and SEO. On the flip side, if you have virtually no money to budget, are new to building websites, or are just unsure if you want to invest a lot of time/money into building a mobile site, then using a CMS like WordPress with a responsive theme. This requires no additional cost, and only a little extra set up time. Once done, you hardly have to worry about it again. All of the other options fall somewhere in between these two extremes, so you have to choose by evaluating your need what you’re willing to invest in your mobile site.

It doesn’t matter which option you choose, though, having a mobile optimized site is important for a large number of reasons, and if traffic is what you’re after, then not providing a mobile site can be the biggest mistake you make while running your website. Hopefully, this gave you a little more to think about when it comes to setting up a website. It’s not easy, it’s not quick money, but if done right it will continue to make you a decent income for years, and provide you with countless hours of doing something you love.