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The Art$ Dollar$ program is funded in part by the Illinois Arts Council. The Tracy Family Foundation, Quincy Service League, The Rotary Club of Quincy,  and by the business and individual members of the Quincy Society of Fine Arts.


Application forms for the Art$ Dollar$

    Applications for the Art$ Dollar$ program of the Quincy Society of Fine Arts are now available at the office located at 300 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 244, according to Chris Daniels, program chair.
   The Art$ Dollar$ program is funded by the Illinois Arts Council, the city of Quincy and the business and individual members of the Quincy Society of Fine Arts.
    The deadline for applications is Friday, October 24, 2014.                                                   
   In 2013-14, QSFA received $9,500 in requests and awarded $7,150 to 21 community arts projects. 
 For information call QSFA @ 222-3432.  

If you would like assistance, or have questions regarding specific projects you want to initiate, please contact us by e-mail at or by calling (217) 222-3432.
October 24, 2014:Deadline to submit applications

October 8, 2014: art$ Dollar$ Worshops-Noon & 5 PM

November 10-14, 2014:    Panel Review and allocation recommendations

November 17-21, 2014:       Executive Committee review and recommendations
December, 2014:                QSFA Full Board Review and final approval
January 2, 2015:                 Funds Available
December 31, 2015:            Project Completion Date

ONE APPLICATION for a total of $500 in matching funds from any ONE organization.

Non-profit community based organizations that are located in and serve Adams County, Illinois.  Groups of two or more organizations who apply as a consortium presenting a single application to effect a joint solution to a common problem.

QSFA will give special priority to projects which:
• provide direct financial support to Adams County arts organizations and individual artists,
• include professional arts activities in schools, at all levels,
• include professional arts activities in after school "latch-key" programs,
• introduce the arts to new audiences,
• encourage new works and innovative projects,
• provide increased opportunities for minority involvement,
• 30% of funds will be awarded to projects which facilitate the full and equitable participation of the under-served population.

• For profit organizations
• Direct grants to individual artists
• Incomplete or unsigned applications
• Capital improvements, purchase of real property, permanent equipment, and accumulated deficits
• Projects that are part of the curriculum of schools, colleges and universities
• Individual artists requests to work in schools or community organizations
• Projects which are considered hobbies or therapeutic and/or recreational in nature
• Completion of previously funded projects
• Expenses incurred prior to project start date

The Review Panel is composed of leaders from every segment of the community. They will review and rank each application and make funding recommendations based on the following criteria:

Quality of Project will be broadly defined and determined by support documentation submitted by applicant as judged in relationship to the applicant's artistic goals.
Community Support may be demonstrated by attendance of community residents at previous performance and exhibits, or letters of support.
Potential Impact Applicants who most clearly connect their goals and ongoing activities will be given priority.
Ability to Complete the Project will be judged by the applicant's past accomplishments as well as description of strategies or plans for successfully carrying out the proposed project.

• Mailed applications must be postmarked by the U.S. Post Office no later than Friday, October 24, 2014.
• Hand delivered applications will be accepted no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October  24, 2014.
• Completed applications must be submitted to:

300 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 244
Quincy, IL 62301-4162
Phone: 217-222-3432

For a complete application, please submit materials in the following order:

    • Submit one original application with original signatures
    • Documentation of the proposed project
    (brochures, resume of consultant, conference schedules, fees, etc.)
    • Brief History of Organization (New Applicants Only)
    • Articles of Incorporation (New Applicants Only)
    • Proof of Tax-Exempt Status (New Applicants Only)
    • Recent Annual Report to Secretary of State
    • Current Board of Directors
    • List of Key Staff