Arts Quincy Student Arts Awards

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Nominations for the Arts Quincy Student Arts Awards program, sponsored by Bank of Quincy, and the Individual and business members of Quincy Society of Fine Arts, are  being accepted through January 31,2015.

Nomination forms are available at QSFA’s office in the Oakley-Lindsey Center, or online at

Nominations are open to students from 9-12 grade who have achieved excellence in any one of the following four categories:

     1. Music - An award to a student with exceptional skill in music

     2. Visual Arts - An award to a student with exceptional skill in visual arts

     3. Theater - An award to a student with exceptional skill in dramatic arts

     4. Dance- An award to a student who excels in dance

Winners in each category will receive a $200 educational fund and a custom designed commemorative plaque from Bank of Quincy.

Detail the nominee’s award-winning achievements in 100 words or less and send the entry to the Quincy Society of Fine Arts, 300 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 244, Quincy, IL 62301.

All-American Kids Winners are:

2013 - Cassandra Steffen (Science/Math)
Katelyn Nelson (Arts/Humanities)
Andrew Dixon (Sports) 

2012 - Emily E. Schwartz (Science /Math)
Abbey Biswell & Luke Engelmeyer (Arts/Humanities)
Parker Bland (Sports)

2011 - Katie Engelmeyer (Science/Math)
Kelly Obert (Arts/Humanities)
Malique Robbins (Sports)

2010 - Tyler Dean (Science/Math)
Breanna McCaughey (Arts/Humanities)
George Crickard IV (Sports)

2009 - Steven Musholt (Science/Math)
Kelsi Zaerr (Arts/Humaities)
Kaleigh Kuhlman (Sports)

2008 - Dejan Vrtikapa (Science/Math)
Blake Johnson (Arts/Humanities)
Clayton Roll (Sports)

2007 -  Tanner Clevenger (Science/Math)
Braedon Rodenberg (Arts/Humanities),
Evan Briddle (Sports)

2006 -  Eric Merriss (Science/Math)
Marlee Labroo (Arts/Humanities)
Rachel Powers (Sports)

2005 -  John Hayashi (Science/Math)
Brittany Daly (Arts/Humanities)
Alexis Coleman (Sports)

2004 -  Drew Cuthbertson (Science/Math)
Trevor Ketteman (Arts/Humanities)
Mercedes Elizabeth Rhoades (Sports)

2003 -   Phillip Johnson (Science/Math)
Evan Bordewick (Arts/Humanities)
Luke Guthrie (Sports)

2002 -  Ryan Wellman (Science/Math)
Jane Hayashi (Arts/Humanities)
Emily Powers (Sports)

2001 -   Zachary Bentley (Science/Math)
Cory Chew (Arts/Humanities)
Anna Leeds (Sports)

2000  -   Daniel Walt (Science/Math)
Jillian Johnson (Arts/Humanities)
Katie Cashman (Sports)

1999  -   Steven Schlepphorst (Science/Math)
Sarah Walden (Arts/Humanities)
Scott Smith (Sports)

1998  -    Kayt Norris (Science/Math)
Lamont Robbins (Arts/Humanities)
Scott Koester (Sports)

1997 - Chris Meyer (Science/Math)
Jessica Farlow (Arts/Humanities)
Joseph Fessler (Sports)

1996  -    Robert Hart (Science/Math)
Megan Winkeljohn (Arts/Humanities)
Julie Kruse (Sports)

1995  - Frances Fonza (Science/Math)
Cris Gualberto (Arts/Humanities)
Caroline O’Neal (Arts/Humanities)
Brenda Ippensen (Sports)

1994  -  Amanda Bratton (Science/Math)
Sara Triplett (Arts/Humanities)
Mike Vahle (Sports)

1993 - Samantha Soebbing (Science/Math)
Elizabeth Stanley (Arts/Humanities)
Chris Martin (Sports)

1992 - Darren Simon (Science/Math)
Jay Schleppenbach (Arts/Humanities)
Becky Peterson (Sports)

1991 - Jonathon March (Science/Math)
Andy Lyons (Arts/Humanities)
Sayeed Ali (Sports)

1990 - Jesse Starman (Science/Math)
Matthew Henning (Arts/Humanities)
Monique Fletcher (Sports)

1989 - Brian Hecox (Science/Math)
Andrea Bloom (Arts/Humanities)
Mett Pettit (Sports)

1988 - Scott Herbert (Science/Math)
Monica Chilton (Arts/Humanities)
Trudi Junk (Sports)

1987 - Nicole Shaffer (Science/Math)
Kristin Dowler (Arts/Humanities)
Jennifer Hageman (Arts/Humanities)
Chris Herbst (Sports)

1986 - Scott Ohnemus (Science/Math)
Michelle Givens (Arts/Humanities)
Andy Waggoner (Sports)