Five of The Major Benefits of Using a Mobile Site

Having a mobile site available for your visitors can help out your site in various ways. Users are always looking for and remembering the sites that are easy to use and provide them with what they are looking for. Assuming your site has good content, ease of use and navigation are key to keeping your visitors returning. How exactly does having a mobile site benefit you, though? It provides:

mobile site1. An Improved User Experience
If a mobile user isn’t able to browse and read content provided on your site, they leave. There’s nothing complicated about this and makes perfect sense. If what you provide isn’t accessible, then why stay? Having a mobile site ensures your users have a smooth visit, and can access all the content your site provides, without hassle.

2. Faster Loading Times
How fast your site loads can mean a lot to your visitors. Some people have poor connections, or are on limited data plans, so keeping your site mobile friendly is a big advantage to your users. Because the code in your site is designed specifically for mobile devices, pages load quicker, less data is used, and getting from one page to another is often painless. The layout of mobile sites makes navigation quick and easy for your visitors, and the rendering engines used are optimized for mobile devices, meaning less resources are used on the device itself, which keeps things running smooth.

3. Better Visitor Retention
As a result of having fast loading times and a great user experience, visitors are more likely to stay on your page longer. You don’t have much time to grab a visitors attention, especially when they are out and about, as mobile visitors typically are. Having those fast load times means more of the visitors time on your site can be spent capturing their attention. Once you have it, the fluid layout, specialized code, and content of your site keeps their attention. The more time they’re on your site, the better. Google loves it because it shows that readers are getting valuable information from your site. As a result, Google ranks you higher, and everyone wins.

4. SEO
Google rules the internet, we all know this. They make the rules and shape the web into what it will become tomorrow. Knowing this, you need to do everything possible to optimize your site because that’s what google wants. Google recommends keeping a mobile site available to your visitors to give them the best experience. As mentioned earlier, they even deployed algorithms to help sites with mobile variants rank better. It’s clear that we can’t fight google, so why not just take their advice?

mobile site

5. A Competitive Edge
Taking all of the above into consideration it’s pretty clear that having a mobile variant of your site available is beneficial, but one of the biggest benefits it provides is a competitive edge. If a mobile user has the option to browse two similar sites, one with a mobile site and one without, which is he/she likely to choose? I can tell you I personally wouldn’t want to browse an unoptimized site on a five-inch screen. A mobile site, at the very least, keeps you at the same level as your competition. If they have a mobile site and you don’t, guess who’s getting the mobile traffic. It probably won’t be you. Having a mobile site keeps a level playing field, and if done right, gives you a big advantage.

So keeping everything in mind, why [b]wouldn’t[/b] you want a mobile site? It doesn’t take much effort, and the benefits it provides greatly outweigh any disadvantages you might come up with. If you’ve decided to incorporate a mobile variant of your website then continue to the next page, where we will discuss the different ways to set one up.